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Podo Labs

Podo Labs is a consumer electronics design company that innovates and ships products from the ground up.

(블루투스 카메라 및 블루투스 허브 제조사)

Our products are beautifully designed, fun to use, and give familiar technology a creative twist.

1. "Podo" is a tiny Bluetooth camera that sticks to any surface for the perfect hands-free shot. It's the hassle-free, stranger-free way to capture any shot, any angle.

2. "Jack" is a stylish Bluetooth adapter that makes any pair of normal headphones wireless. You can pair your Jack with a friend's so you can enjoy audio together from one phone.

3. "Belle" is an innovative Bluetooth speaker and subwoofer that solves the two problems current portable speakers have: wimpy bass and not enough volume. Belle syncs up to 6 other speakers of any brand to literally multiply your sound and produces the deepest, strongest bass of any competitor.


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